Moisturize your hair sis!

What does it mean to have moisturized hair?

Moisturized hair has more elasticity, and is less prone to breakage and tangles.

The moisture in moisturized hair helps to retain hair length and gives growth. By utilizing our INTENSE REPAIR DEEP CONDITIONER, and QUENCHED LEAVE IN CONDITIONER your hair will reap a wealth of benefits that will enhance the moisture content, offering repair and strength. Our Intense repair deep conditioner is formulated with nutrient rich and natural ingredients that your hair will love. Infused with argan oil, B-vitamin panthenol, thyme and sweet almond oils, your hair will be left revitalized and hydrated. Other things that speed up hair growth include genetics, age, health and pregnancy. 


How do I moisturize my hair for growth?

Thick hair can go from dry to coarse. If you have experienced this, then you should think about a deep moisture treatment, such as our  INTENSE REPAIR DEEP CONDITIONER Treatment. Formulated with shea butter that has loads of high fatty acid contents and antioxidants. Our Intense Repair Deep Conditioning treatment should be used once per week to restore moisture. A leave-in conditioner is meant to be left in your hair until the next wash day. A leave-in conditioner is used to moisturize mild to moderately dry hair and to repair hair that is damaged. Utilize our  QUENCHED LEAVE IN CONDITIONER once per week. It is recommended that if your hair is on the curly side or depending upon weather to use our leave-in every two to three days and then seal in all that good moisture with our BEAST MODE GROWTH OIL.



Why Does Your Hair Get Dry?

Your curly hair has the tendency to be dry. This is because the sebum in your scalp takes longer to travel its way up to the rest of your curls. Typically you should aim to deep condition your hair two to four times per month. If your hair is excessively dry, you should condition it weekly. By doing hot oil treatments using our BEAST MODE GROWTH OIL this will also add moisture, and is a great easy routine option.

Does leave- in conditioner help hair grow?

The handy dandy answer is a resounding YES. Our  QUENCHED LEAVE IN CONDITIONER promotes healthy hair growth by keeping product on your longer, and provides a heat protection barrier before blow drying. Your natural hair or more tight curl patterns may benefit significantly from the extra moisture a leave-in conditioner provides.

Using a Leave-in Conditioner for Moisturized Curls

Your hair is in need of a leave-in conditioner, only because of the many things it is constantly exposed to. From the sun, styling tools, towels, the wrong beddings, brushing, chemical treatments. See leave-in conditioner as your superhero rescue. Make no mistake to replace your leave-in with your rinse off conditioner. For they both play their own very important roles. On clean hair that is damp apply your leave in conditioner, and smooth it evenly throughout your hair focusing on the roots and ends. 


Does Moisturizing my scalp help with hair growth?

Yes you should moisturize your scalp in order to prevent diseases of the scalp and hair. Using a scalp moisturizer should be an imperative part of your hair care routine. An unmoisturized scalp can lead to a host of troubles; dryness, dullness, dandruff, itchy scalp. These are ailments we can all do without. Utilize our line of products in your hair care routine and add moisture to your curls now.

Do you have a moisture routine? If yes, share it with us along with your jucee moisturized curl pictures.

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