Proven Steps To Maintain Your Hair For Growth

By keeping your scalp clean. Cleansing with our MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO formulated with fenugreek, rosemary and cloves to give shine, softness and moisture is a great start to maintain your curls. Keeping your scalp clean is one of the necessary steps in hair maintenance. Can you even imagine not taking a shower for one month. 

Keep Your Curls Hydrated

The next step would be to keep your curls moisturized by using our QUENCHED LEAVE IN CONDITIONER  formulated with argan oil, moringa, arugula and thyme peppermint to give shine, strength and moisture. 

Keep Breakage At Bay

The third step would be to avoid breakage. In other words your hair must be kept moisturized at all times or at least most of the times. Utilize a deep treatment, leave in and sealant into your routine to help. We recommend our  INTENSE REPAIR DEEP CONDITIONERQUENCHED LEAVE IN CONDITIONER  AND BEAST MODE GROWTH OIL. Results have be proven and documented by reviews found on our site.

It Is Okay To Trim

Yes it is okay to dust your ends. Hair that is freshly trimmed looks and feels revived. It is easier styled and manageable, even you, and others will notice the difference. Opt for a trim every 6-8 weeks if you want to maintain a medium hairstyle length, and 8-10 weeks if shooting to bra straps or waist length. Invest in a trusted stylist to get optimal results that will leave you feeling confident and happy.

Detangling Lessons

Do you know there is such a thing as detangles? Yes there is and it plays a very crucial part in your hair care journey. First you want to divide and conquer, meaning parting your hair into small sections, then adding lots of moisture, we recommend our MOISTURE RICH CONDITIONER, OR JUCEE DETANGLING GEL, any one will work wonders during this process. Using your fingers or wide tooth comb start at the ends working towards the root. Always keep a spray bottle close with warm water preferably to make hair more manageable. We recommend our IOB’s black or white fine mist sprayer.

Satin Satin Satin

Make satin your best friend. Yes utilize a satin scarf, bonnet, scrunchie, pillow case and if you want to take it up a notch opt for a satin bed set and robe. Satin matters when it comes to taking care of your curls. It helps with breakage caused by friction when hair is rubbed against rough materials. We recommend IOB’s reversible satin bonnets, they come in three beautiful colors, blue, gold and green. Take a look and find out which one has your name on it.

Protective Styles Do Work

Protecting your hair keeps the ends tucked away in order to disallow tugging, pulling, and manipulation. Protective styling also encourages hair growth and saves on time. Keep in mind that your protective style should be kept for no longer than 6-8 week. Very important note to maintain your protective style by spritzing your hair daily or every other day with warm water and a few pump of our QUENCHED LEAVE IN CONDITIONER  added then sealing by adding a few drops of our BEAST MODE GROWTH OIL to your hand then rubbing on your hair. Do remember to show the oldest part of your hair some love too. 

How do you maintain your hair, do you have a maintenance routine?

We would be happy to hear about them, and to see your maintenance picture as well. Share them here with us as we continue to teach and inspire one another.

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