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where it began

The Island of Beauty heard your cry, and we've come to your rescue. Our purpose is to help women conquer their hair milestones by providing quality, authentic, and affordable Afrocentric products. THE ISLAND OF BEAUTY JOURNEY... Our story dates back to more than 20 years ago when Bridgette Simpson and Saskiea Halley first met at a gallery gift store in Nordstrom. The two immediately hit it off, and the journey to beautifying black women began. Unfortunately, life took its course, and Bridgette and Saskiea took different paths. However, they didn't lose track of their goal. They spent hours holding long phone call conversations, regularly mailing each other and fussing about the ideal ingredients. The reality finally dawned on when they both experienced hair loss. And we all know that a woman's low point is when she can't feel pretty in her own hair. As survivors of hair thinning, which eventually resulted in hair loss, Bridgette's and Saskiea's quests to provide ideal hair solutions grew stronger.
They relocated to the same city and the long years spent on researching, finally paid off. But something was holding Bridgette and Saskiea back.

about Us

Bridgette was afraid of being judged because, at some point in life, she served time. This weighed her back. She didn't want her co-owned company to be identified for the wrong reasons. Saskiea, on the other hand, was scared of stepping in front of the cameras. At the time, they opted to have other girls model the hair extensions instead. These two amazing ladies had a solution to a problem most black women experience. But, their feeling of inadequacy, imperfection, and fear was holding them back (Haven’t we all). CONQUERING ALL ODDS... All women deserve to feel confident in their hair. You hold power to redefine your hair story. With the right products, you are capable of coming from having bald spots to full hair restoration. It doesn't matter whether you're suffering from alopecia, hormonal defects, stunted hair growth, or you have chemically, and heat damaged hair, Island of Beauty got you covered. As black women, we understand the hassle and struggles that come with managing natural hair. With stretched out schedules, it is very easy to overlook your hair needs. That's why we offer timely solutions, which will help you step out looking stylish and confident in no time, ready to conquer your professional, entrepreneurial, or mommy duties. Island of Beauty is stocked with proven routines that will help you restore your hair to optimal health. And extensions which will assist you in getting ready within a short time. Island of Beauty; made with love and care to bring ultimate positive change.
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