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Moisturize your hair sis!

Moisturize your hair sis!

Moisturized hair has more elasticity, and is less prone to breakage and tangles.
Treating your crowns

Treating your crowns

Treatments should be done two to four times per month. If your hair is severely damaged or dry, you should opt for once per week treatments.
The Importance of Cleansing

The Importance of Cleansing

It is important to remove dirt and build up from previous products used. Cleansing also washes away dirt and debris from your scalp, unclogging your pour and allowing your hair follicles to experience...

Customer Reviews

Love it!!!

My hair loves, loves the moisturizing shampoo, it cleanses just enough. The conditioner really melts my curls, getting them ready for my weekly intense repair deep treatment, that leaves my strands super strong, moisturized and hydrated. My products after those steps depend on how I will wear my hair. For a wash and go, I use the lavish curl defining creme and seal my ends with the beast mode growth oil. For a twist out, I use the quenched leave in and seal with the beast mode hair growth oil.

Gwinnett, GA

Works super fast

The Island of Beauty has my curls popping, they are now softer and stronger than ever. I noticed growth within seven days of use of the beast mode growth oil.

Snellville, GA

My faves!

My favorite go to styler products are the quenched leave-in conditioner, followed by the lavish curl defining creme, then sealed with the beast mode hair growth oil.

Bergenfield, NJ

My go to

To detangle my hair, I hop into the shower and drench my curls with warm water then apply the Jucee detangling gel to my hair, separate with my fingers or a wide tooth comb, once completed my hair is ready for wash day.


Thank me later!

Ladies you have to try the quenched leave in conditioner, it is a curl changer. Thank me later.

Lithonia, GA

Best products ever

I purchased the premier bundle and my curls have been transformed. My curls are now shinier, stronger, and longer. My hair retains more moisture than ever now.

Atlanta, GA

Beard love

I purchased the beard love set and my beard is softer, longer and stronger. Every guy needs to own this set.

Ellenwood, GA

Beast Mode

The beast mode hair growth oil is on a whole other level, my hair has been growing like never before. I apply the oil to my scalp daily and massage in circular motion with my finger tips. Within the first 5 days I noticed growth. I am going to document my journey.

Roselle NJ

Best product ever

I wanted a product that would add moisture and gift growth. My hair was dry and not growing. I purchased the repair essential set and now i am very happy, my curls are blooming out of control and that is my greatest desire.

Irvington, NJ

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I am in love!

I am in love with your products!! My curls are still popping. I plan on posting about this today! Love love love them!!!!
Marquita Mansfield

Oxford, Alabama

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All women deserve to feel confident in their hair.
You hold power to redefine your hair story. With the right products, you are capable of coming from having bald spots to full hair restoration.
That's why we offer timely solutions, which will help you step out looking stylish and confident in no time, ready to conquer your professional, entrepreneurial, or mommy duties. Island of Beauty is stocked with proven products that will help you restore your hair to optimal health.


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