The Importance of Cleansing


It is important to remove dirt and build up from previous products used. Cleansing also washes away dirt and debris from your scalp, unclogging your pour and allowing your hair follicles to experience freedom to grow.

Washing your hair mositurizes and promotes growth. Using a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo keeps your hair moisturized and reduces irritation. Cleansing also makes your hair easier to detangle which will reduce hair breakage and stress on the scalp. 



Cleansing your hair is important because healthy hair starts at the root. Do you know what happens when you do not wash your face correctly? Well the same goes for your scalp. Dead skin, hair products, and oils on the scalp need to be removed from time to time due to product build up. If this the cleansing step is often missed or taken for granted follicles will be blocked and lead to inflammation. Skin cells turn over about every 28 days, the buildup of dead skin scales can grow if you do not wash your scalp. 

Cleansing is basically hygiene. Oil is the biggest culprit behind what we consider as dirty hair. It can also leave hair limp, clumpy, and feeling oily. How oily is your hair? That will depends on how much sebum your hair produces and can be based upon your age, sex, genetics, and environment. Though sebum is important, it can also act as a food source for microfauna whose action can lead to dandruff and, in optimal cases it can also cause hair loss. 


Cleansing is the lifeline of great styling results. Using the right shampoo for your hair type reset your hair and gives you a great starting point for any style. Thin hair is easily coated with sebum, which means it may look greasy much faster. Meaning that it will need to be washed more often than wavy or curly hair. A shampoo for thick, coarse hair should coat and hydrate the follicles to retain moisture and keep hair from becoming dry. Our Moisturizing Shampoo will give optimal moisture, and help calm frizz, leaving your hair feeling and looking shiny and strong. 

Kinky curly individuals need to wash their hair the least amount of times. Washing too much, especially with harsh shampoo, can be destructive to the hair and cause hair loss. Individuals with tight curl patterns should wash their hair no more than once per week or every other week. 



Cleansing is very important because it helps to stimulate hair follicles, allowing for hair growth, and clears the scalp of dandruff, acne and scabbing. Now that you have a host of important pertinent information about the importance of cleansing it time to cleanse and cleanse the correct way. Feel free to share your cleansing photos with us.


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